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Move into your new apartment or home with Texas-sized savings on Renters Insurance. With Andor Insurance Agency, you’ll get the coverage your community or landlord requires for less!

Protect Your Possessions for Only a Couple of Dollars a Month

For a couple of dollars a month you’ll get industry-leading renters insurance. Renters Insurance, while required by most landlords in Texas, protects you in the event your possessions are stolen or damaged. It’ll help pay for repairs or replacements for personal items such as your furniture, wardrobe, and items you own.

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Texas Renters Insurance That Has You Covered

Andor Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect coverage that satisfies your renters insurance requirements. We’ll also help you understand what types of coverages you might want to consider based on a number of factors and the items you own.

Types of coverages you’ll find in a renters policy:

personal belongings coverage renters insurance

Personal Belongings Coverage

Coverage designed to help pay to replace or repair your personal belongings after a covered loss. Protect your belongings with personal property coverage from Andor Insurance Agency.

additional living expenses coverage texas

Additional Living Expense Coverage

Additional Living Expense Coverage from Andor Insurance Agency has you covered should you incur increased costs and temporarily be unable to live in your home. 

renters liability coverage insurance texas

Renters Liability Coverage

Renters Liability Coverage protects and shields you from the costs incurred should someone injure themselves in your home. This coverage also applies to property damage that may occur during your time renting. 

guest medical expense coverage texas renters insurance

Guest Medical Expense Coverage

Coverage that helps cover medical expenses of any individual who is injured on your rented property.  Make sure your protected with guest medical expense coverage from Andor Insurance Agency.

We Save Texans $$$ On Their Renters Insurance

We save renters in Texas an average of 30% on their renters insurance policy. Get started on your renters insurance quote today!

Looking for even more savings? Bundle your auto, renters, and other policies with Andor Insurance Agency.

Coverage for all Texas Renters & Tenants

Texas is the third state in the country for percentage of households who rent their residence. The vast majority of Texas property management companies and apartment communities will require you to obtain a renters policy if you choose to live there. Generally, you’ll be required to have a policy that covers up to $100,000 of liability coverage, though it can be higher than this depending on the property. Andor Insurance Agency offers tenants two types of coverage on their renters insurance policy:

  • Named-perils policy – This covers property that is lost or damaged because of events listed in the policy. This type of policy will not cover any events that aren’t listed in the policy.
  • All-risk policies – This covers every type of loss unless specifically excluded by your renters insurance policy. This type of policy will be more expensive than named-peril policies due to the extra protections afforded by the policy.

Start your Texas renters insurance quote today and see how much you can save with Andor Insurance Agency. 

Texas Renters Insurance Requirements

The state of Texas doesn’t require tenants to acquire a renters policy, like they do with auto insurance. Therefore there are no absolute requirements you must meet for the state in your policy. With that said, most landlords and communities will require tenants to have a policy if they want to live in their unit. Landlords and communities have the power to set the coverage limit they require.

Questions About Renters Insurance Coverage in Texas?

Check out our frequently asked questions to read answers from other drivers in Texas.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Texas?

Texas law does not require renters to carry a renters insurance policy. With that said, most property managers will require tenants obtain a policy before they will be approved to live in a unit. 

What Items are Typically Covered by a Renters Policy?

A renters insurance policy will cover common items such as electonics & appliances, furniture, clothing, extra expenses in the event the property isn’t habitable after a covered loss, medical expenses for those injured on your property and more!

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