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Insuring Your Everyday Life for Less!

At Andor Insurance Agency we provide residents of Texas, Alabama, Tennessee & California the ability to shop their insurance from most nationwide providers. Typically, residents will shop their rates around to different companies to determine the best insurance plan for them at the best price. With Andor Insurance Agency, we’ll provide you with quotes from all of the major providers so you can find the best deal for you! The best part? We pass the savings on to you!

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Switch Up & Save

Stop overpaying for your coverage on your Auto, Home, Renters or Landlord Insurance Policies. Andor Customers receive quotes from every major provider and we’ll help guide you on the best, lowest cost option for you!

Customers Who Bundle Their Policies Save an Average of $1,000 with Andor Insurance Agency.

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Save Money

Get multiple quotes from the largest carriers allowing you to pick the best deal

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Save Time

Match the coverage you have quickly and see comparable offers

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Get Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind knowing you’ve selected the best option available from all carriers

Access Your Policy
From Anywhere

Andor Insurance Agency makes it easy for you to access our policy details no matter what device you are on.

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